RISE Nitro Cold Brew coffee out of New York City... thanks for the samples. YPPC members loved it–gave us a real lift on court!

YPPC pickleball scramble a huge success in support of the York Food Pantry

York club to celebrate new pickleball courts

The York Paddle & Pickleball Club (YPPC), a members-only sports club in York, recently added four brand new pickleball courts to the club’s facilities, thanks in part to a local fundraising effort.

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Paddle Tennis players stay on the courts all winter

Long New England winters keep most people inside, waiting for the spring to shed their parkas and venture out. But for members of the York Paddle Tennis Club, winter is a time to grab their racquets and compete outdoors, no matter the temperature.

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Paddle tennis — wild winter workout a ‘riot’

Martha “Marty” Dignan admits she had second thoughts when she headed out to play tennis this past week as the temperature hovered in the 20s. “I didn’t really want to go when I saw it was 25 degrees out, but I had signed up,” she said.

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