About YPPC

The York Paddle Tennis Club was founded in 2007 by a group of local families who loved the sport and who sought an outdoor activity that would keep them moving and busy throughout the long winter. The paddle season typically lasts from October to April with pickleball being offered May through September. The club has two paddle tennis courts, four pickleball courts, a maintenance shed and a heated “paddle hut.” The paddle tennis ourts have lights for night play and heaters that melt the snow and ice from the court surface. Our facilities allow the club to play host to many different social events, offer clinics for members of all ages and ability levels, and hold round robins and events for players from other regional paddle groups.

Board of Directors

Chip Coupal (President), Lauren DeLong (Vice President), Weld Butler (Treasurer), Catherine Sherman (Secretary), Lorrie Sanger, Serge Remillard, Richard DiDonato, Rich Goodenough, and Don Booth

Pickleball Committee

Lauren DeLong (Chair), Bill Dignan, Lorrie Sanger, Kate Ford, Mark Ford, Serge Remillard, Chip Coupal & Greg Kaknes

Club Bylaws

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